Elle Puckett

Hi. I am Elle Puckett. I am a Christian Mom blessed with a supportive husband and four wonderful kids.

I have always loved photos. My husband complains because he wants video of everything but my first instinct is to grab my camera. I may have inherited an appreciation for photography from my father or it might have come from my Aunt Linda who always wore a smile and carried a camera.

In any case, around 2007 my husband bought me an entry level DSLR Canon for my birthday to replace my broken point-and-shoot. I loved it! Before long, I was reading books, taking classes, and learning everything I could about the craft of photography. I’ve passed that camera down to my beautiful daughter as I replaced it with professional gear but it will always be special to me.

My husband got lucky and snapped this maternity photo of me at the beach where we were married in Seaside, FL. I love it!

People tell me that I have been blessed with a gift for photography. I don’t know about that… I do know that I love capturing the beauty, emotion, and memories that make up the best days of our lives. I would love to help capture the memories that really matter to you!