Dublin Georgia Wedding // Will & Kyrstin // Middle GA Photographer

Will & Kyrstin stole my heart from the day I met them. It was my favorite engagement session I have ever shot. Not because Kyrstin is so beautiful and not because Kyrstin & Will are so fun, but because they were so in love. I left Dublin that day very excited in anticipation of their wedding day. So, almost 5 months later... Will & Kyrstin tied the knot at Dublin Baptist Church on the 1st of December. Their wedding day was full of love and laughter, just as I thought it would be. It was a true celebration! They had so much fun with their family and friends. The moment they exchanged vows, the party began!


I take that back... It began in the bridal suite, with a little line dancing!

Tennessee fans!

If you can count your blessings by your number of bridesmaids, Kyrstin is very blessed!

Simply elegant!

Me in action, thanks to Sarah Mellor!     ↓↓↓↓

Meet Will!  Happy Fella, huh??!!!

Back to the bridal suite for the last few moments with Kyrstin before the ceremony starts.

{hug}  {pray}  {celebrate}

Standing outside the church, waiting to go down the aisle. She's just radiant with excitement!

The vows!

The First Baptist Church of Dublin is just beautiful inside!

I always wonder what is being whispered over at the unity candle...

Especially when I see bridesmaids giggling!

{kiss}  {more celebrating}

Major celebrating by this bridesmaid!   ↓ ↓ ↓   She's off the ground!

On to the reception at the Dublin Country Club. Totally love it when the Bride & Groom use their engagement photos at the reception!!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Will Freeman!

Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances

They have their first fight, but they make up with a kiss!

Married couples dance with the bride and groom.  The couple who had been married the longest gave Will and Kyrstin advice on how to have a long, happy marriage.

Then our beautiful bride puts on her party clothes and gets the dance floor rockin'!

Will led the guests in "the train". You know it's a good party when the cook comes out and joins in!

♥ ♥ ♥

Sparkler get-a-way!