How the Canon 5D Mark iii changed my life!

Last month, I bought a Canon 5D Mark lll because I was sick of my 5D Mark ll’s frequent focus issues.  I had rented the Mark lll a few times and was very impressed with the new focus system and higher ISO capabilities. The Mark lll also has loads of new features and custom settings. One new feature in particular that has really impacted my life is the rating button on the back of the camera. I didn’t think much about it at first, but late one night as I was lying in bed unable to sleep because I had experienced yet another unproductive day (I have 3 kids) it came to me…”I CAN CULL IMAGES FROM MY LCD SCREEN!”

Most professional photographers will tell you that one of the most daunting tasks we face as digital photographers is culling our images. This is especially true of wedding photographers, because we shoot so many images in one day. With the Mark lll, I don’t have to sit behind my computer to cull my images!  I CAN CULL ANYWHERE!

I can cull sitting on the couch with my kids in my lap. I can go out in the yard with them and still continue to cull my images. If you travel for weddings, you can easily cull in the car or on an airplane. You don’t need a laptop.  You don’t need a power source (other than the camera batteries).  You don’t have to wait hours for your computer to import images.  All you need is your camera!

THIS METHOD WORKS ESPECIALLY WELL FOR PIXEL-PEEPERS AND IT’S FASTER! Are you a pixel-peeper like me? Do you look at every image at 100% magnification to ensure clarity?  Is clarity one of your deciding factors when culling images?  Well, guess what?! The Canon 5D Mark lll has you covered! The magnification button on the back of the camera can be set to automatically zoom to actual pixel size. This is awesome! With the push of one button you can instantly zoom to 100% magnification. You do not have to wait for it to load a large image file like you do on a computer!

Here’s my full technique:

  1. Make sure your magnification button is set to zoom to “actual size”. To do this, go into your playback menu, scroll down to “magnification” and set it to actual size.
  2. Rate your images. I star all keepers with one star and the ones that really wow me get two stars. Don’t rate using higher stars because then you are just pressing more buttons. The goal is to be fast.
  3. Import into LR and filter by “rated”.


Now, one last tip: If you want to save yourself from being stuck behind a computer while editing images for hours and hours, find a post-production service and send off those images! I use Vital Edit and love them!

I would love to hear what others love about their 5D Mark lll. Leave a comment!