Harriet & Stephen | Montezuma GA wedding

Stephen asked Harriet's dad if he could have Harriet's hand in marriage, and her dad said "NO"!  Just kidding, right??? Well, not exactly. This first image is of Harriet's (slightly informal) betrothal letter. Her Dad put a stipulation on her betrothal and they waited, 4 long months! As frustrating as it may have been for a grown woman to have to wait to marry her true love, I think her father may have given her a gift. She was so excited when I met with her. She was like a giddy school-girl! Seriously, she giggled when she talked about Stephen and she was literally bubbling with excitement.

The first look.Every bridesmaid dress was hand made by Harriet's mom. We had a really fun time taking the bridal party portraits!

The bride and groom with six happy children.I broke a major rule of photography and shot up the noses of 12 people.  Then my second shooter cut off some people's heads in this frame.So we let the guests have a go at it. Then I finally got my act together and crafted some pretty nice portraits of the bride and groom. Harriet and Stephen's wedding ceremony!Stephen injured his hand before the wedding and his finger was swollen.

He couldn't get his ring on! It made for a comical moment during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, they were re-announced and went back in to escort the guests out row by row. Very sweet. After the guests were dismissed we went to photograph Harriet's MWP (most wanted photo).

This is the door frame of the church choir room. The very spot where Harriet and Stephen had their first kiss!

Then they were off to their brunch reception at Harriet's mother and father's house.

Cappuccino Punch! This was delicious!!!A pink wedding cake and a smorgasbord of pies and cakes, all homemade! Harriet's dress is a family heirloom. She is the fourth in her family to wear it. It is 31 years old. This is an image of Harriet with the other 3 ladies in her family who have worn the dress. So special!Dried flower petals for the send-off :)

Congrats Harriet and Stephen!

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