Should I switch to using USB's instead of DVD's?

My clients voted, "Yes!".  Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback! (Also, thanks to my friend Jenny who encouraged me to switch!) I've been thinking of doing this for some time now and I've finally made the jump! I really love it too!

No more worries about breaking or scratching.

No issues for clients that do not have disc drives.  Thank you Apple for making the DVD old-fashioned, lol!

No searching through multiple dvd's for a particular image.  All your images fit on one nifty USB!  (Yep, when I used DVD's it usually required me burning to two discs!)

All wedding clients will now receive these  rustic, yet stylish natural wood swivel drives.

Clients that have purchased a package of $2,000 or more will also receive a custom wooden box. The box is filled with an eco friendly Aspen wood wool (with a bird's nest look & feel) that secures their flash drive.

Check out my totally awesome, completely custom product for my lovely clients!