Inspiration // Dance Hair // Macon Georgia Photographer

I want to be the best wedding photographer that I can possibly be! I love weddings! They are so inspiring, but the wedding business  is un-inspiring. When you photograph weddings for a living, there is an ever present pressure to "get the shot". The list of "must have" shots for a wedding photographer is a very long list, and there are no repeats. This kind of pressure can seriously damper ones creativity.

So what's a girl to do? I'm not willing to fly by the seat of my pants and toss my list out the window on someone's wedding day. I take my responsibilities very seriously. So what do I do to keep the creative juices flowing? I surround myself with people who inspire me!

I attended a lecture by Anna Kuperberg this past weekend at Imaging USA in Atlanta, Georgia.

Anna inspired me with statements such as these...

" Clear your head."

" Every great picture is a surprise."

" If you are afraid to make a mistake, you will never get anywhere."

" Is this a good business move? I really don't care."

Anna reminded me of why I love photography. I love to capture moments, and that's why I do love wedding photography. There are so many moments to be captured on a wedding day as a bride and groom's magical story unfolds. Capturing their story is a photographic artist's dream!


So, when I am not photographing weddings, I keep my inspiration flowing with another beautiful inspiration... my little girl.

She alone has taught me how to "see". My creativity blossoms when I'm with her. Every great picture of her is a surprise.

I vow to feed my creativity with the smile that inspires me.

(These images are some I took yesterday. I took them because this was the first time she let me put her hair up in a bun for dance.)


This is her fake smile. It's still cute though.

This is her real smile.

This is her playing.

This is her being simply beautiful.